Welcome to Soul Centred Therapy, Becoming Oneself, the website of Jean and Rob Ransome.

We all know deep within us what is right for us, how we need to be and the way our soul needs to grow. We know when we are being our true selves.

Yet life is full of obstacles and difficulties, which can force us to behave in ways that are not healthy for us in order that we can survive. We can feel under threat physically, mentally and emotionally. And we can suffer psychically too, especially if our energy is low and our natural defences are down, even to the extent that we feel not ourselves but almost as if we are someone else.

Seeking help is an important step in changing how we are living our lives. We believe that the quality of relationship between client and therapist is a key factor in any successful therapy. Our aim is to really get to know who you are. You will find us to be accepting, empathic and genuine.

At Soul Centred Therapy we address the energy imbalances within you.  We bring together a number of therapies, including five element acupuncture, spirit release, person-centred psychotherapy and soul retrieval, in any combination in order to assist you to address a wide spectrum of physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and psychic issues. Our aim is to get to the root cause of your issues and help you move towards wellness and wholeness in a direction of positive personal growth. Indeed many people come to us for help and accompaniment only when their life direction is changing and their soul or spirit begins to stir.